18 Aug 2009

Soo cool thing happened today ...

Nahh ... (:

Fooled you. Nothing interesting happened today ... but you thought for one tiny moment there was excitement in my life, right? I see, you weren't fooled ... darn it! (: Oh well. Good things are happening in the world of Bones, Chuck & The Big Bang Theory (which is another show I've gotten into).

Firstly Bones ... There are three promos for all new Bones at the moment. Also I have casting sides for season 5 episode 5, click below. (:

Pretty cool huh? I've seen some comments over it and it appears that people are in an uproar about it ... tbh, even I see what's going on! I don't understand why everyone's making a big deal over it!!!

Secondly Chuck ... alright so nothing huge, but still have 13 episodes next season. Filming went underway on August 6th. Can't wait!

Now for The Big Bang Theory - it was renewed for two more seasons (like Bones) & filming is now well underway! I've started downloading Season 1 to my iPod Touch ... :D yayayay!

Oh! And I got my nose pierced! It hurt like a bitch, and the crying ... it's so annoying. I mean your eyes just water!!! But the most painful part was when she put in the stud, that was soo painful, I had to breath heavily. Luckily, all is well & now I have a cute pink jeweled stud in my nose (: - I love it, well worth £20.00 at urban piercings!

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1 Aug 2009

Ooh Dear&Yay!


Well bloggers I think an 'Oops' is in order. I did forget about you ... yeah, well only for a few weeks. But it does mean I have absolutely loads to tell you guys, so I suppose it'll be one massive update. Fun, huh? :)

Harry Potter was awesome ... NO, better than awesome (if that's possible). It was the greatest film ever & I can't wait for it to come out on DVD. We did have some problem with people talking throughout the movie, in fact it happened both times I went to see it. I heard that some lady got bleach poured all over her for telling some kids to be quiet during the movie. I yelled shut up at some boys, that's kind of worrying. Yet they were only around seven; shouldn't have been let into the cinema without a parent. It sickens me, god Britain is a dump!

Well for all you Chuck fans, it was renewed for season 3 (yeah, we knew it was renewed ages ago but I figured we needed it on
my blog in writing) - it makes me sooo happy, because it's just a brilliant show that just cannot be cancelled ... so if you haven't already given it a look in - it's on:

Virgin1 - 9pm - Tuesdays
The Chuck panel were at Comic Con, and trust me I am so sad that I didn't get to go and see them ... but I will next year! I mean I
have to go, I will scrimp & save to go because not only were the actors & actresses of Chuck at Comic Con but also ... THERE WAS A BONES PANEL! Okay, granted it was only Emily Deschanel & Hart Hanson, but still next year (fingers crossed), David Boreanaz will be there and so will the 'squint squad'.

I started work on Monday for the week, being an Assistant Sports Coach for kids aged 5-11. They were so cute, it was tennis coaching so I was expecting a lot of racket related injuries ... surprisingly there were none. Kids are quite good at controlling rackets, even if they can't stay upright while running :D it does give me a little giggle though! Yay - money soon!

So as a treat, I'm gonna post this Chuck Comic Con YouTube video. They're awesome.

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9 Jul 2009

Harry Potter&The Half-Blood Prince


So this is just a list of things I want you guys to know about.

Harry Potter - 15th July (WOO)
Friendly Fires - 15th July (SCORE)

However this week also marks the passing of a much loved guy. Patrick 'Paddy' Higgins died on the 6th July - he will be missed by many. RIP Paddy.

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4 Jul 2009

Hmmm Okaayyy ...

I'm baaacckkk ...

Not that I've been anywhere, but I suppose that sometimes you forget about things like this. And yes, it does seem to happen to me a lot and yes, I am worried :)

So I haven't said anything about Prom ... 'twas alright, that's all I'm gonna say! That's me & Bhavvy in the first picture! :) Yeah, I know aren't we a hot couple! We would have sexy children!
Enough about Prom ... it depresses me!

NOW FOR TWITTER ... A few days ago I sent a twitter reply to Hart Hanson - creator of Bones, I love this guy he basically showed me the career path I want to follow; so anyway I got a reply! (That's the second picture
!) I was sooo ecstatic when I got it, I feel so so so so privileged. This is my only favourited twitter (no matter what TwitterFon says, No I don't want to favourite johncmayer so WHY IS HE THERE?)

And finally Brighton, the end of school trip. The last school trip with some of my closest friends. The floating heads picture is me & Lydia. Aren't we soo buff! I mean look at us we are amazing! Completely nuts, but amazing. That's why I love us! :) I'm gonna miss her, boooo for not going to Holt (actually well done for leaving - but I'm not giving up an extra 40 quid a month for anything).

Oh and I can't believe Andy Murray ... we were so close! No point in watching Wimbledon anymore - I mean it's hosted in England (obviously) yet we haven't had an English person in the final since 1938. That is a

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26 Jun 2009



This week has been such a shocker. What a week for Hollywood right?
This'll be short because I'm getting ready for prom ...

RIP Michael Jackson
RIP Farrah Fawcett

Condolences to the families.

Peace& Love

24 Jun 2009


Well ...

Have you ever felt so happy about something you actually forget that something bad is coming ... I supposed you could say the end of GCSEs is a bit like that. I mean great, I'm free. It's over. But there are people that are moving on; although it's selfish to say it, I don't want them to. I want them to stay exactly where we are, because if they do things won't change and we can continue being friends. I told you, selfish. Deep down I know I've got to let go, there will be new friends; new pictures; new wacky quotes; new catchphrases; new sexy dances ... so why do we keep hold of the old when there is always something new - I mean I throw away an iPod every year for a new one - but this time, we can't be completely certain new will definitely be better; you have to remind yourself over and over again ...

"Move on, nobody cares"


23 Jun 2009

Jobs, Money&Macbooks *♥*

Alllrrriighht :P

So today I was thinking that I may have to treat myself to a laptop when I start my job ... but not just any laptop, one that shows my class, money and intellect - a dodgy second hand one? no. I'm going for the Macbook ... yepp, I know you gasped in horror; how can she afford one? Well;

£8.23 an hour +
20 hours a week = macbook in no time

Or failing that I'd just get a Dell; if you guys are nice you'd root for the Macbook. I know I am! I wanted the Macbook Pro, but like I could afford that with all the add-ons I want. No, how you say - impossible ... unless I sold my body ;) I'm thinking not.
Just found out the price, £822, can you say ouch? Oh well, it's that and a TV I want ... however I also want a car. Guess I'll have to find a cheapo one, because studies (and you internet people) come first ... plus I won't have to pay monthly for the Macbook!

I have one more exam left, and that's Science ... I had module ten today; it was hellish. Have you ever been in a situation where you look at
paper and panicked because you don't know anything? Well it was like this today, luckily I took a breath and calm down; realised I did know it after all and cracked on! :) The Power Of Oxygen!

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